Bonus offers and free service?

We offer free services every year, which also can be found in our call to artists!

Early birds

For early registrations, there is usually a discount. The deadline is noted in each case in our Rules.

Bonus video for the first participants

If you are among the first registrations, we will include your picture in our music video. If you like, you can share the video in your networks. The number of bonus registrations is determined in the respective rules.



Presentation of our books in international journals:

Free presentations and exhibitions

Our projects can be accompanied by free events and public relations services. These are opportunities that are occasionally carried out.  We will organize a book presentation once a year, where we can also show pictures. Our free on-screen presentation in particular gives most artists the opportunity to take part. In particular, also the award-winning pictures are presented there. The events usually take place over a weekend, but if it turns out, it can also be a longer exhibition. However, if you participate in our art projects, you can benefit from it.

The events can be centered on various homages and will serve as a basis for the event’s online public relations – including several blog posts about the event theme. More information can be found under “Related links” for each year.

Selected Artworks

As part of our sustained online events we promote images by publishing them in conjunction with popular topics in our German online journal (well-known personalities from literature, music and art, poems or greetings, attractive destinations etc.). The attractive blog posts are complemented with a gallery of selected artworks. The artworks are shown in the blog post for a certain period of time before being exchanged.

You can find more information here:

Selected artworks – online events