Guide: How to use our website?

Due to our diverse exhibitions with attractive public relations and extraordinary offers, our website is more complex.

Here is an overview of the structure of our ARCHIV

  • Please have a look for “MINIPRINT EXHIBITIONS” on the upper menu for an overview!

or even

  • Find the ARCHIVE OF OUR EVENTS with the exhibition period (red color) on the right sidebar.

When you click on the period, different information will appear for each year in the following order:

  • Photos and tours
  • Participating artists and exhibitions
  • Gallery – art works
  • Art book and slide show
  • Awards, winners, rewards and jury (winners’ video)
  • Prelude events
  • Related links on our websites (public relations)
  • Solo exhibitions
  • Bonus offers / bonus video
  • Selected artworks (online events)

Visit the section “Related links”, where you will comprehensively informed about our publications and public relations work.

Please also see the above menu for our GERMAN ONLINE SHOW! As with our exhibitions, the online show of artworks on our German blog is organized by color. Usually, in April, we exchange last year’s pictures for the new ones, which are displayed there for one year.

The images will continue to be available here on the English archive website and also in the German blog archive forever.

For more information, and our opening times and cultural program please visit our main website:

Miniprint and Mixed Media