Awards, winners, rewards and jury 2016

Enter into Art – Winners 2016

Jury Awards:

Bo Cronqvist Sweden 1st Prize
Petar Vladimirov Chinovsky Bulgaria 1st Prize
Atsushi Matsuoka Japan 2nd Prize
Dr. Rakesh Bani India Excellence
Kinichi Maki Japan Excellence
Takanori Iwase Japan Excellence
Patricia Pascazzi Argentina Excellence
Anke van Westerlaak Netherlands Excellence
Amaryllis Siniossoglou Greece Excellence
Beverly Ashcraft-Johnson USA Excellence
Manya Vaptsarova Bulgaria Excellence
Monica Romero Davila Mexico Excellence

Editorial Awards:

Wonsuk Lee Japan (Korea) Special Prize
Jennifer d’Entremont Kanada Honorable Mention
Yun Jung Seo Korea Honorable Mention
Catherine Lemaire Belgien Honorable Mention
Cleo Wilkinson Australien Honorable Mention
Margaret E. Graham USA Honorable Mention
Istvan Damo Hungary Honorable Mention
Diana Kleiner Argentina Honorable Mention

Award winning pictures


  • Alicja Snoch-Pawlowska (Assistant Professor), Poland
  • Andy Owen (Associate Professor), USA
  • Aysen Erte, Turkey
  • Cleo Wilkinson, Australia
  • Dolores Romero, Mexico
  • Eleanora Hofer, South Africa
  • Floki Gauvry, Argentina
  • Giulio Orioli, Italy
  • Isao Kobayashi, Japan
  • Marcelle Benhamou, France
  • Maria Heed, Sweden
  • Miriam Shalev, Israel
  • Rakesh Bani (Assistant Professor), India


Amongst other things, each winner will receive a German blog post, which will be published within a year.

Blog posts:

See also:

Category “WETTBEWERB” (Contest) in the German blog journal

Solo exhibitions for the prizes 1 – 3:

In addition, we will report on the solo exhibitions of the first three winners, which will be integrated in the exhibitions 2017 (Cologne and Nassau). Please see “Solo events in the period 2016 / 2017″.