Bonus offers 2017 – video

Additional free exhibitions

Our events are accompanied by extra offers or additional free exhibitions and PR services, however, please note that places are limited. In our offer for 2017 we include the “Enter into Art” exhibition in Christmas time 2016 in the studio gallery in Bonn-Königswinter and a video with the pictures of the first 60 participants. All artworks will also be shown in the large 2017 exhibitions.


The studio and garden exhibition will serve as an additional basis for the event’s online PR, which we will share on Facebook and YouTube. It will include several blog posts about the event. The Prelude exhibition 2016 in the studio gallery “ART RETREAT” was centered on an homage to Guillaume Apollinaire and also promoted by aspects of lifestyle. More information can be found under Related links“!

OPTIONAL and FREE: Big picture online

The big pictures 2017 are online! 

(Please have a look to our German online show! You can use the “Google translate” there in the footer of the website or in the right sidebar. The best result you get, if you translate into English. English and German belong to a language family.)

The large format images are shown exclusively on the Internet. Do not send any original big picture! We will return it at your expense! The registration of large pictures just is possible after all exhibitions in the period and after we send to you the entry document for it.