Touring the World through Art 2018-19

Additionally photos will follow after the second lecture in Bad Breisig on August 26!

The 5th “Enter into Art” International Installations 2018-19, which promote small-format pictures from all over the world, will be accompanied this year by the cultural program “Touring the World through Art”, in which the artists themselves are involved with their large artworks. In Bad Breisig, Bernkastel-Kues and Cologne will be shown Multimedia presentations with large format images by international artists, with relaxing music flowing into them.

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On this page, at the end of the exhibition period, we will publish the list of all participants of “Touring the World through Art”. This will be for the exhibition in Cologne in April 2019. You can also see the current lists of the other traveling exhibitions  here. In addition we will report on the special presentation in our Studio Gallery in Bonn-Königswinter – after the catalog (art book) for “Touring the World through Art” will be published.

  • Participants in Bad Breisig 2018 (PDF)
  • Participants in Bernkastel-Kues (will follow in January 2019 with the updated list and dia show)
  • All participants in Cologne (will follow in April 2019 with the updated list and dia show)

Opening in Bad Breisig

Participants in Bad Breisig:

The gallery with all artworks and names of the artists will be published after the jury contest of the main exhibition in Cologne (April 2019)!

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28 participants from 19 countries

Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy,
Japan, Kosovo, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA

Thank you for your great work!

Aya Swoboda
Kurt Freundlinger
Pamela Ecker
Mady Maerien
Regina Lucia Dantas Paulino Vaz
Pnina Gagnon
Yvan Lanfontain
Camila Zaccarelli
Fabienne Burdet-Ichtchenko
Maud du Jeu
Dimitra Petropoulou
Gerhardt Gallagher
Ruth Helena Fischer
Asuna Yamauchi
Isao Kobayashi
Takanori Iwase
Majlinda Kelmendi
Frans de Groot & Josee Wuyts
Jozina van Hees
Magdalena Pastuszak
Valentina Anopova
Nuria Pena
Mareta Toneva
Antonietta Torsiello
Katharine Bossmann
Leyla Yildiz
Lisa Graham
Mira Satryan

During a lecture about traveling, the travel author, Gabriele Walter, will give a lyrical accompaniment to the screening. In addition to its own haiku poetry, selected poems and essays by famous writers are incorporated.

In particular, the example of the well-traveled German poet Rainer Maria Rilkes explains the relationship between art and poetry. At the same time, visitors are also inspired to meditate on art through poetry.

Scientific research has revealed that Rilke was inspired to write numerous poems by looking at the works of Rodin, Cezanne and the Impressionists. In addition, the lecture will be accompanied by thoughts about traveling in a philosophical way.