Book project “Excellent Art” – art gift book

Information for the participants of the book project

“Excellent Art”

The book project “Excellent Art” has emerged from the both winner exhibitions in Weißenthurm “Excellent Art” and “Nominee and Won”.  The art gift book is expected to be released until the end of 2019 / spring 2020 (publisher edition). The design of the book is based on the book “16 times art”, it will also be published as an online book.

Please note: Currently several projects are running in parallel. The time of publication of books also depends on the number of participants. Just when the number of participants is complete, the book can be published. For that we need time. We ask for your patience.

There are already 16 international artists for this small but fine book project. In the interest of these artists we are looking for even more participants. Interested parties are welcome to apply at any time!

We will publish all announced books and inform you of course!