Gallery – art works 2019

5th ‘Enter into Art’ International Installations 2019

Participating pictures in Bad Breisig, Bernkastel-Kues, Cologne, Bonn and Bad Ems

An artwork of each artist is integrated into the art installation. The other pictures will be presented in our atelier corner in folders.

After the award ceremony in July 2019 all selected images will be published on our English and on our German website. They will stay on both websites forever.

Example of the last year:

The three artworks will be documented in a PDF-file. Please see the following example of the last year:

You will find this list and all pictures here in the “Gallery – art works 2019”. They will be published just in August 2019 – after the awarding and after the last exhibition in Bad Ems. We ask your understanding and thank you for your patience!