Book project, contest, art show “A Fine Art Journey”

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The number of artists in the book is complete. The book is in progress. After the book is published, we will complete this website. Here will be introduced the book and also the additional participants. The book “A Fine Art Journey” is expected to be published in the second quarter of 2020, probably in summer.

What does “Enter into Art – LOUNGE” mean?

The “Enter into Art – Lounge” includes our special gift book series, with a contest and an art show taking place as well. These are mixed media books and events, which we offer as extraordinary opportunities. Artists can freely choose the size and style of their works of art.

The book A Fine Art Journey is based on our test project “Touring the World Through Art” (link to the previous events of “Touring the World through Art”). The older test project has been expanded and continues under the new book title!

The aforementioned book will present your picture on a full page. It will be bilingual (i.e., in English and German). It will be printed in both soft- and hardcover versions. The artist can then choose what he or she prefers. It is, above all, the poetic context that sets our art books apart from others. This art book will be a gift book with travel-inspired poems and an entertaining preface. The book and the numerous awards are powerful PR tools (e.g., the first prize is an extra solo book). The winners will also receive a German blog post as a gift.

The book presentation takes place in the Studio Gallery “Apollinaire” in Bonn-Königswinter and in the city of Cologne with an exquisite video installation. It will also be documented on the Internet.

Enter into Art – LOUNGE 2

71 artists from 30 countries (please also see below!)

Participating pictures in the contest:

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The online book and the photo mosaic with the art show will be published here at a later date!

The full list of entries and further documentation will also be published with the publication of the book and the art show. The number of the picture behind the names of the artists only is given here on the website; it will not be included in the book. The information about further submissions or participating pictures (your three artworks) will be published on a PDF list.

Since this is not a traditional catalog, but a gift book with a similar kind of images, the awards will be not mentioned in the book. We want to give each artist equal recognition and benefit from the book. Winners, finalists and jury members will all receive a printable certificate, which will be sent by email, at the latest with the publication of the book. Please also read below about the “Rewards”!

There are 16 awards and 13 finalists. The following winners were determined from 82 pictures:

Jury Awards

1 – 3 Jury Prizes

1st Prize: Isao Kobayashi – 2nd Prize: Iris Geneviève Lahens + Ulla Wobst – 3rd Prize: Rune Basshus


Excellence Jury Prizes

Editorial awards

Honorable Special Prize

Honorable Mentions

Additional awards:

Finalists – nominee:

Adelheid Niepold, Belgium; Asuna Yamauchi, Japan; David Beeri, USA; Gerhardt Gallagher, Ireland; Igor Smirnov, Latvia; MP Le Bohec, France; Roswitha Eisenbock, Austria; Sirkka Laakkonen, Finland; Somsak Chaituch, The Netherlands; Takanori Iwase, Japan; Tatiyana Kraevskaya, USA; Valentina Anopova, Russia; Valerie Ghoussaini, USA


Grand Juror: Takanori Iwase (Japan)

  • Barry Cottrell, United Kingdom
  • Elmar Peintner, Austria
  • Gerald Hushlak, Canada (Professor)
  • Kelli Valk, Estonia
  • Kouki Tsuritani, Japan
  • Lurdi Blauth, Brazil (Lecturer)
  • Majlinda Kelmendi, Albania (Professor)
  • Meint van der Velde, The Netherlands
  • Peter Hriso, USA (Professor)
  • Sigurborg Stefánsdóttir, Iceland
  • Vicky Tsalamata, Greece (Professor)
  • Watana Kreetong, Thailand


All 10 prizes will be accompanied by a powerful PR communication in German on the Internet. This will take the form of mini-websites with our aesthetic considerations of your three pictures (EXAMPLE). They will be published within a year. The images of the additional awards will be featured in a summary blog post. The jury prize winners will be highlighted in the art show (book presentation) in a special way.

The first prize winner will receive a solo art book. Additionally, his or her picture will be shown on the cover of the book, A Fine Art Journey. Images of both second prize winners’ picture will be shown on the back cover, while an image of the third prize winner’s picture will appear on the title page of the book.

Blog posts:

For links to the German blog posts – please see on our main website – CONTEST! Alternatively, you can visit the category Art Excellence in the German blog journal. You will find Google Translate at the bottom of the German website. When all posts have been published, the links will be added also here.

  • Isao Kobayashi, Japan, 1st Prize
  • Iris Geneviève Lahens, Canada, 2nd Prize
  • Ulla Wobst, Germany, 2nd Prize
  • Rune Baashus, Norway, 3rd Prize
  • Cinla Seker, Turkey, Excellence Award
  • Gerhard Rasser, Austria, Excellence Award
  • Herbert Hermans, The Netherlands, Excellence Award
  • Camila Zaccarelli, Chile, Honorable Special Award
  • Majlinda Kelmendi, Albania, Honorable Mention
  • Sylviane Leblond, France, Honorable Mention

Collective post:

  • Rowena Božič , Slovenia, Print Award
  • Lukas Kandl, France, Painting Award
  • David W Whitfield, France, Color Award
  • Pnina C. Gagnon, Canada, Abstract Art Award
  • Veryal Zimmerman, USA, Drawing Award
  • Marianne Reim, Canada, Medium Award

71 artists from 30 countries

Argentina, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Irland, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA

Click on a picture to start the show with larger images!


Nelly Arias Kurt Ries Valentina Anopova
Patricia Pascazzi Ursula Wobst SLOVENIA
Aya Swoboda Dimitra Petropoulou SPAIN
Gerhard Rasser IRLAND Nuria Pena
Kurt Freundlinger Gerhardt Gallagher SWEDEN
Pamela Ecker ITALY Inga-Maj von Mühlenfels
Roswitha Eisenbock Ruth Helena Fischer Mareta Toneva
Adelheid Niepold Isao Kobayashi Marlo Mylonas-Svikovsky
Mady Maerien Takanori Iwase TAIWAN
Valerie Vandermotten Yamauchi Asuna Lynn Chen
BRAZIL Yasuyuki Uzawa TURKEY
Regina Lucia Dantas Paulino Vaz KOSOVO / ALBANIA Cinla Seker
Iris Genevieve Lahens LATVIA Antonietta Torsiello
Marianne Reim Igor Smirnov Olga Bolkisieva
Pnina Gagnon THE NETHERLANDS Francesco Ruspoli
Rae Johnson Frans de Groot & Wuyts Josee USA
Yvan Lanfontain Herbert Hermans Ai-Wen Wu Kratz
CHILE Jozina van Hees David Beeri
Camila Zaccarelli Wilhelmina Zoutewelle Devon Govoni
DENMARK Somsak Chaituch Horst Wolf
Natalia Rose NORWAY James Pfeffer
FINLAND Rune Baashus Katharine Bossmann
Sirkka Laakkonen Sinikka Elfving Leyla Yildiz
David Whitfield Magdalena Pastuszak Mira Satryan
Fabienne Burdet-Ichtchenko ROMANIA Monica Johnson
Lukas Kandl Emanoela Szabo Tatiyana Kraevskaya
Marie Paule le Bohec Radu Tikanete Valerie Ghoussaini
Maud du Jeu Silvia Anton Veryal Zimmerman
Sylviane Leblond


Are you interested in a second page in the book (for a reduced price without any contest)?

The closing date will close once the last few pages of the book have been ordered!