Art book series – KUNSTRETREAT (Art Retreat)

Series with small-scale pictures:

  • KUNSTRETREAT (Art Retreat)

This series of books with hundreds of small-format art pictures is published annually. It is based on the “Enter into Art” competitions “Fascination of Worldwide Art and Color” (miniprint and mixed media).

Embedded in a context of color and meditation, art lovers travel to an international art landscape to find their magical places in the form of individual works of art. All award winners are shown on the cover. From 2019 the book will be published in 21 x 29 cm format and in two languages (English and German).

However, the format or size of our gift books can change flexibly depending on the number of participants and design considerations.


You can find details of the books and the ISBN on our basic website: Kunstretreat 2016Kunstretreat 2017Kunstretreat 2018Kunstretreat 2019