Art book series – LOUNGE 3

The LOUNGE series of books with large format artworks is based on three different book concepts:
  • LOUNGE 3

Exquisite works of art: pictures, objects, installations, sculptures

The series in a slightly larger gift book format (21 x 26 cm) is aimed primarily at winners and finalists, as well as while guest artists are also welcome. About 30 to 50 artists can present 4 artworks on a double page. With our popular aesthetic considerations on the respective image pages readers can delve deeply into the works of art. You can find details about the books with the ISBN on our website: Excellent Art 2019Excellent Art 2020 In accordance with our PR and gift book concept, the interplay of art and classical music also plays a role in this series of books. There will be a little innovation with Volume 2: Every book will recommend a famous piece of classical music, which art lovers can use to meditate when looking at the artworks. The piece of music will be introduced and briefly described in the foreword. All of our book series at a glance Bye books