Art book series – LOUNGE 2

The LOUNGE series of books with large format artworks is based on three different book concepts:

  • LOUNGE 2

Special topics, occasions and events

With their large format images and typical gift book format (21 × 21 cm), the LOUNGE 2 series of books focus on certain topics in order to reflect on them from the sensitive view of artists around the world. An entertaining foreword about the respective book topic will be provided and the pictures will be accompanied with art slogans. There will be short poems on special pages as well as a matching book design. About 100 artists can participate, with one art picture per page.

This first sample book, featuring the topic of travel, is expected to be published in summer 2020. You can find more information about the book project “A Fine Art Journey” with contest here.

You can find details about the books and the ISBN on our basic website: A Fine Art Journey – Moonlight Sonatas (follows later)