Free art show, free internet documentation, awards and rewards

View from Königswinter to Bonn
View from Königswinter to Bonn

Book presentation with art show

The book will be presented at a later date during at least one of our book presentations or art shows:

  • At an annual art fair – probably in the city of Cologne-Lindenthal (three days).

The pictures of all artists of the book project are available on screen (or by video presentation) and also as small reproductions (giveaways). Please don’t forget to send the glossy paper photos of your pictures!

The brilliance of the international on-screen presentation in combination with relaxing music will be an excellent art experience (by headphones). The film can easily be paused in order to view an image in greater detail. All pictures are presented in beautiful digital frames.

Sustainable internet documentation

Book presentations or art shows will be documented as sustainable virtual events on both our English website (ARCHIVE) and in our German internet magazine (Bernsteinrose-Blog).

  • Likewise, a list of all participants and the titles of all their participating pictures will be published. Please see our websites for past and current editions and exhibitions. The book will be featured with links to the online book.
  • Book presentations and other events are documented by attractive photo mosaics.
  • Participating images may also be published on and on our internet networks.

Additionally an online event, which will be photographed in our Studio Gallery ‘Apollinaire’ may promote the book and the award-winning pictures of past year art projects. It takes place in the manner of our solo online events with a kind of poster presentation. Please click the link for more information!

German and English online show

The images of all participants of our book series “Kunstretreat” for small-scale pictures are published:
  • for one year in our special German online show (There the pictures are sorted by color!)
  • after this forever in the German Blog Archive
  • also forever in the English Archive (see on this website here).

Awards and Rewards?

Our awards will be made by international jurors!

There are different award options for each book project. Please inform yourself in each case in the rules!

Each of our art contests are organized in conjunction with a book project. The ‘Enter into Art’ awards are divided into jury prizes, editorial prizes and awards in connection with the book design. In the competitions with small-format pictures, up to 25 prizes are awarded; in the competitions with large-format pictures, there are up to 16 prizes. In addition there are the book design awards.

The awards will be judged by several international jurors from different countries and continents:

  • There are four main prizes each (first, second, third and special prize).
  • There are excellent and honorary prizes.
  • There are various additional awards for art techniques and styles (Amber Awards).
  • After a basic selection of the original pictures, up to 30% finalists (nominated artists) will be selected by an international First Juror.

a) Rewards for jury prizes and editorial prizes:

All prizes will be rewarded in the form of PR publications in German on the Internet. All these blog posts with your artwork and our aesthetic consideration (mini websites) will be tagged with our winner banners. The additional prizes (Amber Awards) will be awarded by a joint blog post.

  • Additional promotion on the Internet by posts (occasionally video or dia show) for the winners.
  • Nominated pictures (finalists) will be shown in a special post on the internet.
  • All winners will receive a certificat. Also the jury members receive a certificat.

If you are the first prize winner of our contests, we will post a special blog (mini website) with a maximum of 10 pictures, publicated in our German online journal.

b) Book design awards:

  • There are also very valuable rewards in the form of your picture being on the book cover, back cover, title page and other highlighted pages in the book. For details, refer respectively to the Rules. The ‘Enter into Art’ team selects these prizes according to the specifications of the book design. They are enormous reputation instruments!

If an exhibition or book presentation takes place, award winning images can be highlighted there. This can be done in information panels with reduced repros or by a special on-screen presentation.

In addition, images can occasionally be awarded Selected Artwork status!

The total value of the prizes is about EUR 2000-3000 plus non-quantifiable value of a PR press release.