Art Retreat

6th “Enter into Art” International 2020

Art book and contest to promote small-scale works

The Fascination of World Art and Color

Gift Book ‘Art Retreat 2020’
(Book series: Kunstretreat – volume V)

Miniprint and Mixed Media: With one image you can present your small-scale work in a color chapter of the book. We need three artworks (jpg files) – maximum size of 20 x 29 cm (7,87 x 11,42 inches).

Attention: Only art book and free online exhibition! Please do not send original artworks!

Violet: 8-10 pictures per page

You may use Google Translate in the sidebar! With our best wishes for good health to all belonging to our common home, this earth! We are looking forward to your participation! (Die deutschsprachigen Teilnahmebedingungen können per E-Mail erfragt werden!)

The book has the character of a beautiful gift book with art and lyrical poems. Please have a look to the color chapters with the small images. The new book will be consistently bilingual (English as the first language plus German): EXAMPLE (sample book)

  • Entry fee: EUR 58

Please reserve your place by payment, pictures can be sent later – until the end of August 2020! Please inform us about your payment.

Please read carfully the current rules Part 1, item PAYMENT. Payment must be made to Gabriele Walter. Please use the right email address with Paypal and also the right bank account number!

Red: 8 – 10 pictures per page

Included in the fee:

  • Publication of one selected small format picture in the book “Art Retreat 2020 – Kunstretreat 2020”,
  • Participation in the 6th “Enter into Art”-contest 2020. Separate prizes will be awarded for print and mixed media. They will be highlighted on the cover and on the first pages of the book. (Please read about the awards in the rules.)

You confirm your participation with your payment. It means you have read, understood and agree to the rules and conditions.

Chapter blue: 8 – 10 pictures per page

Here you can download the entire invitation:

You can copy the text for Google Translate. To make sure you understand everything, please compare with the English text!

The beauty of art and poetry give people courage, hope and confidence! Thank you for your participation!

1. REGISTRATION, PAYMENT, AWARDS (Click here to read and print PART 1 of our Rules!)

Download: After your click on the links, please click on the arrow!

Download of the entry form:

If you prefer, you can request the entry form by email personally!

Alternatively, all information can be sent directly in your email text:

1) We need your address (decisive for your payment)

2) Please rank the artworks according to your preference! Artwork information should be exactly in the following format:

First and Last name Number of the picture, Country, Title, Year, Technique, Size in cm
example: Pablo Picasso 1, France, Portrait, 2013, Oil on Canvas, 8 x 10 cm)

Three artworks are needed (an image of each piece to be sent as a jpg file of approx. 3,000 to 4,000 KB), out of which will be selected four. One side of the image must be 20 cm long by 300 dpi.

3) Please send three jpg images with the following file name:
(your first and last name number country – without comma!)

Pablo Picasso 1 France.jpg
Pablo Picasso 2 France.jpg
Pablo Picasso 3 France.jpg

Please send your address and the information of your artworks together with your images to the following email address:

Alternatively (if the email not arrive):


Sample book – series “Art Retreat” – vol. 2019

2. ABOUT THE BOOK (Click here to read and print PART 2 of the Rules!)

The bilingual book will be printed in softcover. No print copies are included in the cost to publish! Artists can buy copies of the printed book at a reduced author price. No compulsory purchase, please see the Author’s Price section! Regarding distribution, please click on the links included!

3. COPYRIGHT (Click here to read and print PART 3 of the Rules!)

By paying the fee, the artist acquires the right to use the book as specified in a special contract, which comes into force when it is signed by the artist. More information you will find in PART 3 of our rules!


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