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Book project

“A Fine Art Journey” with art show

We are looking forward to your participation in our extraordinary opportunity “Enter into Art – LOUNGE 2”. Please have a look to the menu item:



View from Königswinter to Bonn
View from Königswinter to Bonn

German and English online show

The images of all participants are published:
  • for one year in our special German online show (There the pictures are sorted by color!)
  • after this forever in the German Blog Archive
  • also forever in the English Archive (see on this website here).

Awards and Rewards?

Our awards will be made by international jurors!

  • There are four main prizes (first, second, third + special prize)
  • There are also 6 excellent and honorary prizes
  • There are additional “Amber Awards” with special consideration of the color and other prizes of various art categories.
  • After a basic selection of the original pictures up to 30% finalists (nominated artists) will be selected by an international First Juror.

    mini print exhibition event art installation mixed media Germany, music, color, art meditation, relaxation
    Enter into Art – Intercultural Installation “Fascination of worldwide art and color” (miniprint + mixed media) – in Cologne


  • All prizes will be rewarded in the form of special PR publication in German (with the artist name in the title) on the Internet and a certificat.
  • Additional promotion on the Internet by posts and video/dia-show for the winners.
  • The first prizes will be rewarded in the next year with a small solo exhibition (or solo book), which is integrated into our exhibitions. There will be also publicated a German blog post about each solo exhibition.
  • Nominated pictures (finalists) will be shown in a special post on the internet.