Extra Opportunities

participants, contest results (cover, title page)


“Enter into Art” Gift Book

Book project with contest and art show

“A Fine Art Journey”

(No limitation on size for your works of art)

The deadline is open until the last few pages of the book have been ordered! We are looking forward to your participation!

Reduced entry fee without contest: EUR 130 for one page

(For several pages please read the item PAYMENT in the rules!)

To register for this event:

  1. Please let us know if you would like to reserve one or more book pages!
  2. Please follow PART 1 of our rules.
  3. Complete the entry form and pay the entry fee.
  4. Send the entry form together with your images by email to one of the following email addresses:




Download: After your click on the links, please click on the arrow!

For writing in the entry form (in a computer-typed format), you can download the form into a folder on your computer and open it! After you can send it to us as an attachment by email. (Alternatively, all information of the ‘entry form’ can be sent directly in your email text.)

Data protection: Your information is used to publish the pictures, for our own contact with you and payment transaction.

The most important information:

What is included?

You can find further information in our invitation and in Part 2 of our rules.

Your works:

You can choose the size, style and subject of your works of art freely, but the topic should be related to traveling (according to your interpretation).


There are 10-15 prizes and up to 30% of finalists are nominated (by an international jury and anonymous vote). Please read about the rewards in our rules! The first-prize winner will be rewarded with an extra solo art gift book (EXAMPLE). The awards will be announced in August 2019.

Book and award presentation with art show and poetry reading:

Art Show at Studio Gallery “Apollinaire” – Multimedia Art Lounge for Screen and Video Presentations of Large-Scale Paintings

An important part of this art presentation and contest is the book “A Fine Art Journey” with your picture on a full page. The book will be presented later at a special vernissage in the Studio Gallery “Apollinaire” in Bonn-Königswinter and in Cologne with an exquisite video installation and poetry reading. The winners will be highlighted in the art show. Likewise, this presentation and the book are documented on the Internet (online art show).

The very popular theme of “traveling” is presented in a lecture both poetically and in the artistic/ philosophical sense. In particular, the example of the famous German poet, Rainer Maria Rilke and his travel poems, explains the relationship between art and poetry (he is also known as “the German Guillaume Apollinaire”).

In this way, visitors are also inspired towards the contemplative approach to art. Scientific research has shown that Rilke was inspired to write numerous poems after examining the works of Rodin, Cézanne and the Impressionists. When he experienced a creative block, he turned to the visual arts. In addition, the lecture will be accompanied by philosophical thoughts and ideas about travel.

Enter into Art-Lounge?

Please have a look to the winners of the book project "A Fine Art Journey"!

The book is based on our test project “Touring the World Through Art”: link to the previous events of “Touring the World through Art”. The “Enter into Art-Lounge” is one of our extraordinary offers. It includes our special gift book series, with a contest taking place as well. These are mixed media books and events. For our extra events, there are special rules separate from the big, annual exhibitions (small-scale format) and our annual art book.

Please note that our offers are for invited artists only, participation is guaranteed.

Important: Please enter our email address into your email address book or email contact list so that all emails arrive safely. You can find your address list in the menu bar of your email software. Please also ensure that the email address is correct.