Miniprint exhibitions

Miniprint and mixed media exhibitions in Germany

Interested in our miniprint exhibitions?

Mini Print and Mixed Media - Art Installations in Collogne, Germany
Mini Print and Mixed Media – Art Installations in Collogne, Germany

Why are miniprints and small-scale pictures the ideal form of publicity for an artist in the international arena?

Miniprint exhibitions with cultural progam in Cologne
Miniprint exhibitions with cultural progam in Cologne

Miniprints or small-scale pictures not only focus the view, miniprints can reproduce and ship to all countries. With their concentrated beauty, mini format mixed media resemble precious stones or blooms. In a mindful way, they are comparable to the experience of sipping fine wine, which has a lasting effect. That’s why we designed our exhibition catalog as an entertaining gift and meditation book with miniprints and mixed media. The book not only includes a guide to art meditation, it also deals with other entertaining subjects, such as collecting and living with art. The ‘Enter into Art’ events are the first worldwide miniprint exhibitions in Germany.

Miniprints by extraordinary art installations

In keeping with the motto “small is big”, we do embed the miniprints and small format images into extraordinary art installations (cultural events with music, lyrics, art objects and a comprehensive concept of mindfulness for your pictures). Our miniprint events receive much more attention than a standard exhibition.

  • Miniprint and mixed media art installations in Germany
    Miniprint and mixed media art installations in Germany 

    In turn, you can make a big impact by participating in our miniprint and mixed media exhibitions. Small pictures and their artistic arrangement within large “frames” provides the incentive needed to purchase a large image. The icing on the cake will be our additional online tool with large images.

  • Also the beauty of small images is that it can tempt collectors to buy larger pictures from you, the sales of which you can handle yourself.
  • By the color order the many miniprints and small images gain a very clear and quiet charisma, whereby the attentiveness in the viewers is increased. And the artistic arrangement enhances the beauty of the individual images.

Miniprint contest with over twenty awards and rewards + about 50 finalists

We will award over 20 prizes, the winners of which receive a free blog post about their award-winning miniprint or smal-scale picture. The importance of prizes to the reputation of an artist is self-explanatory.

  • Miniprint contest - certificate "Enter into Art", Germany
    Miniprint contest – certificate “Enter into Art”, Germany

    All winning pictures are displayed on the artbook cover and will be rewarded by a special blog post with their names in the title.

  • The first place winner will each receive a solo exhibition, (embedded in our events), which will also be promoted on the Internet on a permanent basis, along with our art book and online catalogs.
  • All finalists will get an extraordinary promotion by special blog posts with art greetings and poems.
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    Miniprints or small-scale pictures instead blatant advertising

    Given their compressed format, miniprints or small-scale mixed media more broadly represent an advertisement for artists, even though the pictures are inexpensive and can be placed anywhere. 

    • Miniprint exhibitions - public relations for your pictures
      Miniprint exhibitions – public relations for your pictures

      Here’s the trick: it is not blatant advertising, but effective public relations. You can send them easy abroad and exhibit them in different places.

    • The international aura and the diversity will increase the interest in the pictures. This is why we decided to organize the first worldwide miniprint and mixed media exhibitions in Germany.
    • Not only does the format simplify participation, the production costs for small images are low, meaning that they can be offered at an affordable and tempting price!

    Art book with German publisher

    Reading of our miniprint catalog and looking at your pictures with relaxing music
    Reading of our miniprint catalog and looking at your pictures with relaxing music

    Miniprints and small format pictures (mixed media) are ideal for art collectors, also if inhabiting a small space.

    • In our gift book “KUNSTRETREAT(Art Retreat), the images are presented as noble collectibles and gifts.
    • In addition to the free copy (which we’ll send to all artists) usually we publish our unique exhibition catalog with a German publisher. Thus you can write on your resume that your images have been published in a publicly available book.
    • The art book with your miniprint and small-formate pictures can be purchased via Amazon and worldwide bookstores.
    • It will enjoy an enduring distribution throughout the world. Since it has an ISBN number, it is cataloged in the German National Library and distributed via Germany’s library network.
    Online show with miniprints and mixed media
    Online show with miniprints and mixed media

    Networking for you

    In our German online-journal images from all participating artists are embedded within our distinctive artistic concept in an attractive and synergetic environment for anyone who is interested in art, culture, traveling and relaxation.

    • Art lovers can view the images in original size and thus meditate mindfully.
    • We also support our artists and promote our events on Facebook, as well as via our special videos with relaxing music on YouTube. Our focus is on public relations, which is the king when it comes to promotion.



    Miniprints in combination of a free greeting and gift

    In addition in our German online journal “Bernsteinrose”, our art book can be given away as a free e-book or a gift book in recognition of praise received on the Internet. This gives miniprint pictures an immense public relations or “advertising” opportunity.

    • The ideal combination of a greeting and a gift can promote the sale of your pictures. Along with being on display at traveling exhibitions, they can also be attractively presented on the Internet.
    • Neither our exhibition program, the catalog (art and gift book) nor our German online show is standard, which is why each of them makes a major impact in terms of public relations.

    You can enjoy these benefits with new miniprint or smal-scale mixed media images every year and in turn achieve a powerful repetition effect. The best public relations encourages viewers to respond voluntarily to the artworks!


    Our miniprint exhibition concept: Mindfulness, meditation and relaxation with art, color, nature and music...
    Our miniprint exhibition concept: Mindfulness and pleasure, meditation and relaxation with art, color, nature and music… (in the garden of our exhibition in Diez)